Sell Your Claim

Welcome to  We serve as an information portal and liaison to help you sell your claim in the MtGox bankruptcy.  We’re in touch with third parties who are interested in purchasing claims and can help broker a deal.

Purchasers are interested claims above $10,000 USD in value, but every claim will be considered.

The process is simple. Just send an email to with your claim information and we’ll get back to you.

Serious inquiries only.  There will be due diligence to make sure your claim is real before any transaction takes place.


If you are interested in selling your claim, send an email to

Please include your name and claim information, including claimed amount and whether your claim was in bitcoin or fiat.  We need sufficient information to identify you and your claim so we can get you an offer.

You can find your claim information here.  The list is long, so try using CRTL + F to search for your name.


March 8, 2017 Creditor Meeting: Still No End in Sight

I was in attendance at the MtGox creditor meeting at Tokyo District Court yesterday.  The English language materials that were distributed at the meeting are available at   The materials do not give much guidance and many sections are repeats from previous meetings. My Japanese translators did confirm a couple points that were discussed …